Thursday, January 1

Sibu R/C flyers New Year Eve night fly event

Went to cover my r/c buddies night flying event today, on the eve of the new year. Lotsa spectators watching us as we tear the dark skies with our LED-filled slow fliers. I was gonna bring my profile depron F22 but after thinking that I might fly it to the mighty Rajang river due to my inexperience in night flying, I canceled and brought my camera equipment instead.

Martin, Desmond, Kong and others preparing their planes for night flying.

The star of the night : LED R/C kite. Very, very bright indeed.

Martin installing LED on his plane. Bright eh?

Martin's Yak passing by Paramount Hotel.

3 comments: said...

fly hoh

atie said...

cantek la .. tapi mahal said...

LED nyak mahal, utai lain can get for cheaper price. That dude who owns that r/c kite meli ari Singapore, around $250+ Sing dollar ... giler -_-"

Bilun simple can DIY for around RM100-RM300, including cheap remote and mechanical's lar.

Barang paling penting is remote control transmitter and receiver. Get a good one, can fly alot of things.

Bilun Murah? Potong aja ari board depron 5mm, kedai signboard like Apple and Fajar Seni ada.

Or if want cheaper, depron murah ba Farley, 1 piece around RM10, get 2 piece can make 1 plane already hehe :)